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The term 'Keep your hands and clubhead in front of your body' halfway through the backswing can be difficult to understand let alone see. Here's an easy way to know if your hands and clubhead are indeed 'in front of your body' or not.

Before doing anything, place a tee in the hole of the butt end part of the grip, grip the club and set up. Take the club back until you get to a position called 9 o'clock, always in relation to the shaft of the club and never the hands, (shaft at 9, hands at 8ish) then stop. The shaft of the club should be parallel to the ground and inline with your feet.

Now, without narrowing your stance, turn right a quarter turn so your back is facing the target. If the tee, hands and clubhead are inline with the centre of your body, you have your hands and clubhead 'in front of your body'. If you’re finding that your left arm, hands and shaft of the club are generating a broken line rather than a straight line towards the centre of your body, you're probably breaking rather than hinging your wrists during the early stages of your backswing. Try thinking of not letting the clubhead race behind you before anything else during the first three feet of your backswing. You'll start feeling that connection with your hands/grip and the clubhead. (Opposite is true for lefties.) If this is the case, before turning around have a look, readjust things if needed, so there is a nice straight line generated by your left shoulder/arm, through the club shaft and head all inline with your feet.

Once done, turn right a quarter turn and your hands, tee and clubhead should be facing the middle and not to the left or right side of your body.

This isn't the most exciting drill to do, but with some quality practice time put in, your feel, consistency and accuracy will definitely come alive.

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