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The method used is quite simple. Basically it is to have you understand how things work, in an easy, logical and repeatable manner.

We here at LYGC primarily work on 'FEEL'. Getting you to 'feel' what's happening, in our opinion, is the easiest way to 'repeat' what's happening. Using mental imagery, logical cause and effect reasoning and easy to repeat drills we translate to 'you' what the proper 'feel' is. Add some digital/computer swing analysis and we feel the understanding and interest levels rise and the learning happens.

Working through the different grips, learning how to set up with the proper posture, ball/head position, and alignment, checking and working on proper weight transfer, clubhead angle and position, and understanding the basic rules of ball flight, LYGC believes you'll have a simple yet well rounded understanding of the game of Golf, and like we say, "if you know how it works............... you can do anything you want."

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