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Golf For Success!!

"If Golf is 95 per cent mental, psychologists should be lining up on the tees. Psychologists suggest the better a golfer manages anger, the better his or her score will be."
Toronto Sun 2007 Golf Guide, April 2007

We specialize in Private & Group Golf Lessons for Golfers of all skill levels.

Improve your Golf game
Lower you handicap
Increase business

At The Learning Yard Golf Centre, we work on...

The Basic Fundamentals of Golf
Proper Weight Transfer and Power Generating Concepts
Proper Wrist Hinge
Proper Clubhead Angle & Position
Proper Downswing/Uncoiling Sequence
Shape Your Shot Concepts & Execution
Short Game/Trouble Shots Concepts, Techniques and Execution

To meet your golfing objectives and have fun we work by Feel and Mental Imagery with...

Digital Video/Computer swing analysis
Cause and effect reasoning
Drills, etc...

For more details on...

Teaching Method play through.
What To Expect, check out your Personal Level Outline.


Instructional Video Clips.

Richard Weisnagel
Director of Golf


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