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Marking your scorecard, well the most obvious is your score, the number that tells you and everyone else what you scored on that hole.

Now if you are into finding out a little more then just your score the most common STAT is your putts, upper right hand corner is the usual spot.

Now for a putt to be considered a putt, the ball must be on the green. If you choose to use your putter when the ball is not on the green but on the 'fringe' and the ball goes in the hole, that would be a ZERO PUTT hole, as the ball was NOT on the green when you made the putt.

Ok, what about the other 3 empty corners..... What I like to do is, with a checkmark, use the other available corners of the score box for other stats, you know, the stats you hear while watching golf on TV, 'Fairways Hit', 'Greens Hit' which would be greens hit in regulation, 'Up and Downs' and 'Sand Saves'.

First things first, 'Fairways Hit'. That's easy, hitting your drive on a par 4 or par 5 on the fairway. If done put a checkmark in the upper left corner of the box.

Greens in regulation. What that means is getting the ball on the green leaving you 2 putts to make Par. On the green with your 1st shot on a par 3, 2nd shot on a par 4 and 3rd shot on a par 5. Now that number changes based on the your playing ability, but based on what YOU want out of the game, this is what you want to look at.

'Up and Downs' or chip/pitch shots and 1 putt situations. You didn't hit the green in regulation and you're just off the green either in the rough, on the fringe or just a few yards short of the green. Chip or Pitch the ball on the green and make the putt, nice 'Up and Down', checkmark the lower right corner.

The last one is 'Sand Saves' marked with an "x". Simple, if you hit your second shot on a par 4 in the greenside bunker/sand trap and not on the green, a checkmark for a 'Green in Regulation' is gone but you now have a chance for a 'Sand Save' xmark. Hit your sand shot on the green and make the putt, you still make a 4 on a par 4, no 'Green in Regulation' but a 'Sand Save'. Xmark the lower right corner, one 'Sand Save'.

When you're all done count all the checkmarks/Xmarks and you now have all your stats for that days round of Golf, 'Putts', 'Fairways Hit', 'Greens in Regulation', 'Up and Downs' and 'Sand Saves'

STATS, a great way to know what you need to work on in order to get your game to the next level. Gotta love them stats eh!!!!!!!!

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